Pharmactive Biotech Products

Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L. is a Spanish privately-owned company that develops and manufactures differentiated natural ingredients supported by scientific evidence. Then, Pharmactive makes these innovative ingredients available to other companies in the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Industries for marketing/distribution. They aim to generate a positive and significant impact on people’s health and well being.

Pharmactive Biotech Product’s mission: Contribute to the welfare and health of people, innovating and bringing science to products of natural origin.

Pharmactive Biotech Product’s vision: To be the serious alternative of health and well being products development for the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Pharmactive Biotech Products offer to the world botanical ingredients like PREMIUM (Innovative and high-quality branded ingredients developed by Pharmactive), DELTA+® (Botanical extracts with the Pharmactive Quality Seal), COMMODITIES (off-the-shelf ingredients) and DISTRIBUTION.