AceBiome is a probiotic company based in South Korea, supplying dietary supplements specialized in weight management. The company spun out of Bioneer Corporation in 2017 with the mission to improve the lives of overweight and healthy individuals through novel probiotics-based products.

The signature probiotic strain of the company is Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17™; (“BNR17™”), which is patented globally and has won multiple awards, including NutraIngredients-USA Awards in 2018. BNR17™ is the first probiotic strain approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(Korea FDA) as a functional ingredient to help reduce body fat, in addition to general functionality for intestinal health. The strain has been researched by Bioneer and AceBiome for two decades and proven to help reduce body fat and relieve irritable bowel syndrome through clinical studies.

AceBiome’s product, “BNRThin” which incorprates BNR17™, has won 2019 Korea Influential Brand Award in Health Care. AceBiome offers BNR17™ probiotics as a single strain or in a blended formula for a different age group by functionality